“The sonic genius behind the finest in French rap and pop”

La Presse

Trackbastardz is a premium professional online mastering service. Our engineers all underwent intensive training with Nikola Feve “Nk.F” and provide the highest standards of mastering service.

Nikola Feve, better known under the acronym Nk.F is a composer, music producer and sound engineer who has worked with the finest French rap in recent years: “Ipséité” and “Lithopedion” by Damso, “La fête est finie” by Orelsan, “Commando” and “Mr Sal” by Niska, the most recent tracks of Booba and all the albums of PNL. This self-taught and cutting-edge sound researcher is an unavoidable figure of the French rap scene, but not only: his unique sonic signature can also be found in the pop and electronic music worlds with artists such as Angèle, Sébastien Tellier or Sia.

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