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Welcome to Trackbastardz online mastering service. Our mastering engineers all underwent intensive training with Nikola Feve “Nk.F” and provide the highest standards of mastering service.

We deliver WAV 24bits and 16bits master files by default, as well as instrumental masters if you provided separate tracks for acapella and instrumental. DDPs can be provided upon request. Note we do not offer vinyl mastering services.

All projects will be delivered within 14 days of stems delivery. Please carefully fill the form below and we will be in touch.

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DDP(s) are files required to manufacture CDs. They come at an additional charge.
We only accept pdf files. A label copy shall include at the very least all album and track metadata including titles, artists, ISRC codes and track duration.

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We only accept up to 4 PDF files under 6MB. If you have more label copies please include them alongside your audio files in the WeTransfer package we will request from you after you finished completing this form.

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